Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Back from the abyss

Well, I survived the surgery and most of the recovery. I go back to the dr tomorrow to have the stitches taken out and the splint taken off. And get the first real look at the results.
The surgery went well, according to the dr. I was out and don't know how well it went. But I do remember little snippets of things after the surgery. They shot me up with demerol afterward and I couldn't pull myself out of it for most of the rest of the day. I slept in the recliner all that evening and the following two nights.
Yesterday I got up and actually rode to the store with my daughter and sat in the car while she went in. I didn't take any pain meds yesterday at all, not even tylenol. Today I got up and started doing little things around the house, nothing major. I am still unable to lift anything over ten pounds and can't do anything that could injur my nose.
Noah has done so well with all of this. He hasn't cried for me much and when he would wake up and cry for me, they would tell him that I have a boo boo and can't get him. Then he would ask for his sister or mawmaw. So he seems to understand. He will come close to me and we will give "easy sugar" and he will carefully and lightly kiss my cheek. I am so glad that he has done so well. I will have to be very careful for some time that he doesn't bop me in the nose or throw something my direction that may hit me in the nose.
I will take after photo's tomorrow and post the before, during and after. It really wasn't that bad during. I didn't bruise and swell nearly as bad as I thought I would. So the photo's aren't so gruesome.
The weather is wet, rainy, and cold! Just as I feared; straight into winter weather without so much as a layover in fall.
Well, there isn't much going on around the home front. My parents are here and helping with the little ones. The puppies are growing and getting everywhere. Another week or so and they will be finding new homes, I hope. I am hoping to have the house routines back to "simi-normal" conditions in a few days.
I will be working on the new addition to my blog where I spot light someone who has been special in my life. I am working on the who's, what's, why's, and how's of it. So keep checking back.
I would really like more feed back from those of you who read my blog. I know I get emails from some of you and you tell me you are reading my blog, but I would really like to get more comments on the blog from each of you. So if you would, please leave a note to let me know you where here visiting.


Anonymous said...

Hey Deidre', I had ask Lauren how you were with no answer!!!(Imagine that, ha ha) so I'm glad to hear that you are doing so well. Can't wait to see your pictures. Also, post pictures of the pups since they are big. Ronnie's back in NC, was home for the weekend, so now its just sad and rainy here. Talk to you later.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks.


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