Monday, August 13, 2007

Birthday's and scorchers

Well, the heat has been unbearable! I can't believe as I type this at 7:00pm it is still 100 degrees! Wow!!! Unbelievable!
Things have been crazy here lately. I haven't had a chance to sit down hardly. My parents left yesterday to go back home. I had hoped they would stay longer, but my dad is like an old man; he can't stay away from home to long. My mom would love to stay longer, but if he stays he starts having allergy problems that make him sick, so they go home.
Yesterday, August 12th at 3:46 pm, my daughter turned 18! I can't believe! The years have flown by and now she is grown. So many times I wish I could have all three of my children small again. It was simple then. It is when they start getting older that it becomes complicated.
So we took her out to eat after church, took her to the store and got her the gift she wanted; a 30 GB Zune. We came home and had cake and sang happy birthday to her. After the party we just spent the afternoon before church, sitting together in the living room talking and relaxing. After church she went out to eat with her friends. Now she is at work. She is working two part-time jobs. She works at the library and at a clothing store in town. She isn't thrilled about them yet, I think she really doesn't want to face up to the responsibilities of adulthood. She would perfer to have the benefits of being 18, without all the work! But of course, wouldn't we all! She hasn't gotten a pay check yet, so when those start coming in and she has the freedom to spend, spend, spend...then we will see how she feels about it. Of course, the requirements are, after she pays her tithing and she pays insurance on her car and the gas to do the running she wants to do, after that it is hers to do with what she wants.
I had to work today. I subbed on a different route. It was actually the subdivision that was taken off the route I normally do, plus an apartment complex. It went well. I got to leave the post office early and got back by 12:10. So I missed the hottest part of the day! Thank God! I left work by 1:15- Now I would like to run that route every day. Well, everyday that I had to work. I wouldn't want to deliver mail as a full time job. I suppose I am just doing this "until something better comes along".

I don't really have a lot to say this evening, so I am going to end here and maybe find something interesting to read. So here is the thought for the day---

Elizabeth Stone:
Making the decision to have a child - it's momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking outside your body.

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Shannon said...

Hi Deirdre! It was great to hear from you! Yep, little Gabe was born on Feb 16 at a whopping 10 pounds! Have you been on w@h lately? Theres so many new ladies I lose track!


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