Friday, March 25, 2011

Chicks and the Kid

Well spring has sprung around the Sandhills of North Carolina. The Bradford pear trees are in full bloom and the wisteria vines are everywhere.

In our own yard the grass is starting to green up some and the garden is coming along. I have one bed planted with cooler weather crops. I am hoping they will do well. We have the other beds ready to plant just waiting for the right time to put the other things in the ground.

A little over a month ago Andrew brought home eight Barred Rock chicks and they are really growing. He built an intermediate coop that we can put them in and let them peck around in the yard until he gets the full coop built. They are really enjoying sunning themselves in the warmth of the sunshine.

Today I took a few photos.

Noah had the day off from school today and enjoyed being out playing in the nice spring weather.

I have other things to post but I will save those for another time. Hope everyone enjoys a wonderful weekend. I will be spending mine studying for a test in my Anatomy and Physiology class next week. Good thing is, there is only one more test, a paper to write, and the final in the lecture class. I will be very glad to get this course behind me.

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