Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve...

It is a beautiful sunny day in North Carolina. It is currently 51* and a very nice day so far. I have spent most of the day in the kitchen. Taking my time, enjoying the process.

I have my cornbread dressing mixed and ready to bake. I baked some blueberry muffins and pumpkin muffins. I also fixed a chocolate chip/caramel cookie bar. I am cooking sweet potatoes now to make a casserole like I made for Thanksgiving. I have a small Cajun style turkey breast to cook tomorrow and a small honey glazed ham to heat and serve. I plan to put together a sweet pea salad and have rolls. That will be the extent of our meal for tomorrow.

But we will also have nacho cheese dip, Christmas dip (cream cheese, green onion and dried beef) with crackers and chips. I will have hummus with my Stacy's Pita chips. I am the only one in the family that eats hummus, I can't imagine why, I think it is delicious, especially with roasted garlic.

Later this evening the kids and I will make a batch of cookies to leave for Santa. And I think that should do it for me and the kitchen...

Tomorrow I plan to get up and make some biscuits and bacon for breakfast so after the kids open presents they can get their bellies full and spend the long day in their pj's enjoying their loot.

Today is my dad's birthday. He is 68 years old. I have a small cake for him later today. For now, he and Lauren are getting ready to go to Aberdeen to do a bit of shopping...I can't imagine why, I would be tired of shopping, but after a couple of days, he gets restless and wants to get out of the house...I have never seen a man that loves to shop as much as he does.

Andrew is in the garage reorganizing the left over Christmas decorations and lights getting it all ready to put away in a couple of days. I usually don't leave my tree up very long after Christmas. I'm usually just ready to get it put away and move on to the next thing. I mean really, after Christmas Day the holiday is over and life goes back to normal routines. I guess that's just me.

Noah is in the living room with three dining chairs and a sheet. He made himself a tent and is in it eating popcorn and drinking orange juice. I think Megan is upstair reading a book or on the computer.

Well that is all I have for now. That is what's happening for the moment at the Thomason household. I think my sweet potatoes are done and need tending so I will post photos and Christmas info tomorrow. Hope each of you have a very merry and blessed Christmas. May God bless you and keep you through the new year to come. Just remember to always make room for Him in your life...

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