Saturday, February 23, 2008

Did I get hit by a bus or what?

For the benefit of those of you who don't read my other blog, I copied and pasted my entry from there today.

I woke up around 5:30 the first time and felt like I had been hit by a bus and left for dead! I hurt from head to toe and every little joint and muscle in between. I lay there unable to get up to even get some pain medicine. Finally around 6:30 I mustered up the strength to call my supervisior at work and let her know for sure that I wouldn't be there today. Then fell back into bed, unable to move. About 7:30 hubby got out of the bath and brought me a couple of tylenols and some water. By this time, Megan and Noah were in bed with me asleep. I started feeling okay enough to go to the bathroom and move to the recliner in the living room. Andrew fixed me a toast and Noah some breakfast sausage so we could eat a bite or two to get our tamiflu down. Then we slept in the recliner more. I finally got up a little bit ago and got Megan a toast so she could take her meds. So we have all had our first dose of the day and since Noah was sick a day before us, I think he is doing better than we are. I still hurt all over and don't feel like moving around much. This is the first time since 2001, when we lived in Kentucky, that I have had the flu. Now I remember why we all piled up in the living room and stayed there for several days until we got over it. It was just to hard to move back and forth to the bedroom. So since we were all down with it, we just piled up and slept through most of it.
Hopefully by tomorrow the worst of it will be over. I just despise being sick. It is so hard for mom to be down and unable to get things done.
Well, my head is feeling ill again so I will end this here. Hope everyone that has been sick, is doing better, and this epidemic will soon pass. I heard on the news that the flu epidemic had hit every state in the nation except for Florida. I guess there is something to be said for the sunshine and all those oranges!!LOL!

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